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Software dev.

Most days I'm writing software and I enjoy it. If you need some software, I can write that.

You'll find me most days at Karmabunny. But also sometimes in a classroom, waving my arms around.

Here's some other stuff I am (or was) responsible for.

Gwilyn 1 Gwilyn 2

Good Thnx

Good Thnx is gifting and recognition platform that powers gratitude through its charity payments API.


Stemtap is a tangible (hands-on) coding platform for primary and secondary schools.

Discontinued, but I'll still talk for hours about it.

Field Assistant

An offline data collection app for recording bug observations in the field and exporting to a spreadsheet.

Eagle Eye

A computer vision research paper that attempts to validate annotations using a 3D tracking system. But then we decided to sabotage ourselves by using a 360° camera.

It still worked, and we also created 40+ datasets.

Unwind JS

Have you ever got a error in your live JS but you don't have source maps attached because "reasons"? Here you can plug in your sourcemaps along with the mangled stack-trace and whammo, it's now a readable stacktrace.


I used to run a game server in college. I wrote and meticulously maintained a set of bash scripts to manage it all.


I really liked the concept of Pagedown (formerly WMD, aka. the stackoverflow editor), so I wrapped it in a React component. But I also started another project to use the Markdown AST as a more robust alternative.

Rocks DB

Apparently geologists have a weird shorthand for classifying rocks. I wrote it in Python, then Rust, then a GUI in Qt using FFI bindings. It was fun.

TV Rename

It's a bulk file renamer and sanitiser built in Rust. It's designed to work neatly with midnight commander.