Software dev.

Most days I'm writing software and I enjoy it. If you need some software, I can write that.

Good Thnx

Good Thnx is gifting and recognition platform that powers gratitude through its charity payments API.


Stemtap is a tangible (hands-on) coding platform for primary and secondary schools.

Discontinued, but I'll still talk for hours about it.

Field Assistant

Aka Bugman. For recording bug observations in the field and exporting to a spreadsheet.

Eagle Eye

A computer vision research paper that attempts to validate annotations using a 3D tracking system. But then we decided to sabotage ourselves by using a 360° camera.

It still worked, and we also created 40+ datasets.

MD Slides

A quick editor/presenter web-app for presentation slides written in Markdown.

Wisdom Data and Mapping

Over the years we've built several products largely based in geo-spatial and weather data.

Clients include: NRM SA, Riverland Wine, Minnipa SARDI.